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“It has been so inspiring to watch all of the examples of educators thinking outside of the box to engage students.”

Sonia F.

Teacher, The Ovington School, Brooklyn, New York

Intel® SFI Framework

Intel® SFI Framework promotes the kind of skills-based learning that prepared students for success in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Intel has developed the Intel SFI Framework in response to the growing demand for a technological transformation in education. Intel’s vision for education embraces critical skills for students’ future success and reinvents the role of technology to ensure that educators and learners are equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Intel SFI puts technology at the center of building advanced learning skills, rather than simply using technology to provide access to existing educational content.


Intel® SFI Planning Toolkit

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Building Education System Resilience to Meet the Challenges of the Future

Exploring new ways of teaching and using technology to prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow.

Download white paper
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Intel® SFI Initiative Overview

The Intel SFI Initiative embraces and fosters skills critical for students’ future success: Learn more about the initiative, its key components, and the science behind it.

Download Intel® SFI Initiative Overview
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Intel® SFI Future Planning Toolkit

A reading resource which consists of eight modules designed to assist education decision makers develop a transformational action plan

Download Planning Toolkit Document

Four Steps Toward Future Readiness

The Intel® SFI Framework allows decision makers and educators to understand, test drive, and implement the SFI vision in their education system.

Understand new skill requirements in the post- pandemic environment. Rethink technology’s role in education system to foster skill building. Align stakeholders and facilitate creation of an action plan.

Intel® SFI Planning Toolkit

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Experience technology used for skill building in the actual learning environment and verify viability. Identify best practices for wider adoption.

Intel® SFI Starter

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Develop educators’ competencies to facilitate higher-order skills development in their students.

Intel® SFI Professional Development

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Adopt technology-supported, skills-based learning models across the entire education system.

Engage with Intel® Partner Ecosystem

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Resources for Your School

Intel SFI - SP Overview

Intel® SFI Starter Pack

Full of hands-on activities, the Starter Pack provides firsthand experience with using technology to build skills and foster
Download Intel® SFI SP Overview
Intel SFI - PD Overview

Intel® SFI Professional Development Suite

More than 80 hours of e-learning and in-person workshops train educators on the effective use of technology in physical and virtual environments.
Download Intel® SFI PD Overview

Ready to Get Started ?

For more information about how to get started with Intel® Skills for Innovation in your education environment, please have your district technology administrator contact an Intel® Partner Alliance Member.

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